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Solve Nodemon Command Not Found Error with npm npx and Yarn

Nodemon Command Not Found: Solving the Issue with npm and npx

As a developer, you might have encountered the frustrating “Nodemon Command Not Found” error when trying to use nodemon for your Node.js projects. This error occurs because the nodemon package is not installed or not properly configured in your environment.

But fret not! In this article, we will explore two solutions to this error using npm and npx.

Checking for Node and npm Installation

Before we dive into the solutions, let’s ensure that Node and npm are installed and properly configured in your environment. To check for the presence of these packages, open your command prompt and type in the following command:


node -v


This will display the version of Node installed on your computer. If you see a version number, this confirms that Node is installed and configured properly.

Next, let’s check for npm using the following command:


npm -v


This will display the version of npm installed on your computer. Again, if you see a version number, npm is installed and ready for use.

If not, head to the Node.js website and download the latest version of Node.js which includes npm.

Installing Nodemon with npm

Now that we have confirmed the installation of Node and npm in our environment, let’s proceed to install nodemon. Nodemon is a utility that monitors changes in your Node.js applications and automatically restarts the server.

It can be installed globally using npm with the following command:


npm install -g nodemon


Please note that the “-g” flag installs nodemon globally in your environment. Once installed globally, nodemon can be used across all your Node.js projects.

Using Nodemon after Installation

After successfully installing nodemon, you can now use it by running your Node.js scripts with the nodemon command. For example, instead of running:


node app.js


You can use:


nodemon app.js


This will run your Node.js application with nodemon and automatically restart the server whenever relevant files are changed.to npx

Another solution to “Nodemon Command Not Found” error involves using npx.

Npx is a tool that allows you to run Node packages without installing them. It comes bundled with npm and is available starting from npm version 5.2.0.

Installing and Using Nodemon with npx

To use nodemon with npx, you don’t need to install nodemon globally as we did previously. Instead, run your Node.js scripts using the following command:


npx nodemon app.js


This will temporarily install nodemon and run it for your Node.js application.

When you exit the application, nodemon will be uninstalled automatically. The advantage of using npx is that it saves disk space as you do not need to install nodemon globally.

Additionally, it can ensure that you’re running the latest version of the package, without the need for manual updates.


In conclusion, encountering a “Nodemon Command Not Found” error can be frustrating for developers, but it can be solved by using the installation and usage methods discussed in this article. With npm, you can install nodemon globally and use it across your projects, while with npx, you can run nodemon without the need for global installation.

Both methods have their advantages, and the choice on which to use depends on your personal preference and project requirements. Using Yarn to Solve “Nodemon Command Not Found” Error

In addition to the previously discussed methods, another solution to the “Nodemon Command Not Found” error involves using Yarn.

Yarn is a fast, reliable, and secure package manager for Node.js. It can be used to install packages, manage dependencies, and ensure consistent package installations across different machines.to Yarn

Yarn was introduced by Facebook in 2016 as an alternative to npm.

It offers significant improvements including caching, offline mode, and better security. With Yarn, package installations are faster and more reliable, especially when you have a slow internet connection.

To use Yarn for your Node.js projects, you need to install it on your machine.

Installing Nodemon with Yarn

To install Nodemon with Yarn, the first step is to initialize a new Node.js project using the following command:


yarn init -y


This creates a new package.json file in your project directory. Next, use the Yarn command to install Nodemon as a dev dependency:


yarn add nodemon –dev


This installs Nodemon to the “devDependencies” section of your package.json file. It also saves the installation details to the “yarn.lock” file.

Checking for Successful Installation

To check if Nodemon was installed successfully using Yarn, try running it using the following command:


yarn nodemon app.js


This will run your Node.js application with Nodemon. If you do not get a “Nodemon Command Not Found” error, it means that Nodemon was installed successfully using Yarn.

Benefits of Using Yarn

Using Yarn to install packages, including Nodemon, offers several benefits. Firstly, it leverages a cache that reduces the time taken for package installation, especially when you’re installing the same package more than once.

Secondly, it offers better security checks on your packages, including sub-dependencies, that ensure these dependencies are free from vulnerabilities. Finally, Yarn provides a way to lock your packages specifying exact versions being used and their dependencies, to hint standalone reproducibility of node projects in different machines.


In conclusion, Yarn is a reliable and secure package manager for Node.js that offers several advantages over npm, including faster installations, better caching, and improved security. It simplifies package installation and management, allowing developers to focus on their core development tasks.

Using Yarn to install Nodemon is a great way of resolving the “Nodemon Command Not Found” error, ensuring consistent package installations on different machines. In summary, encountering the “Nodemon Command Not Found” error can be frustrating for developers, but solutions are available to solve it.

Using npm, npx, or Yarn, you can install Nodemon for your Node.js projects with ease and ensure consistent package installations across different machines. Regardless of your preferred solution, it is crucial to check for the successful installation of Nodemon before running your application.

These solutions not only provide the necessary tools for developers to build and maintain their projects but offer more reliability, security, and improved package installation. Therefore, it is worth understanding these solutions and their unique advantages to streamline your development process.

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